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Pure Paradise Water of Virginia Beach

Wholesale Private Label Bottled Water

Branding Your Business One Bottle of Water at a Time!

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Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility:

businesses that both fulfill them on a meaningful level and serve the greater good of their clients and our world. Pure Paradise Water of Virginia Beach possesses a social conscience, aspires to a standard we consider higher than profit-maximization for shareholders. We make a difference while still making a profit.

We are passionate about our local and global community and environment. 

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Mission:

• Donate: We are a for-profit company committed to our local community and environment. We donate a portion of our proceeds goes directly support the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Program, communicate and support other mission related needs of the program and Virginia Aquarium Foundation. See "Where We Give" for more information.

• Educate: The importance of marine conservation and sustainability through promotion of related programs and events of the Aquarium. We offer all Pure Paradise Water Partners programs about the importance of Recycling - Repurposing and Reusing our packaging. Programs are designed to speak to each individual audience, including children.

• Sustainability - We are passionate about our Oceans & Planet! We think caringly, creatively, and strategically about the environment. We understand that our environment is THE key stakeholder in the end of our products life cycle.

But un-recycled plastics of all kinds are, extremely, detrimental to our oceans and environment. Bottled water is the most popularly consumed drink in the country, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The reality is that people continue to buy and use plastic water bottles, as well as plastic soda bottles. We believe that as plastic bottle users we have a tremendous responsibility to promote the seriousness of recycling our water bottles and all recyclable plastics.