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Pure Paradise Water of Virginia Beach

Wholesale Private Label Bottled Water

Branding Your Business One Bottle of Water at a Time!

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Repurpose Your Private Label Bottled Water Bottles

And Add to Your Business Branding!

Use your empty bottles to make a Recycle Bin or Trash Can.

Put it in your business where your customers will see it!

The sand in the bottom layer of bottles adds weight that will keep it in place, inside or out.

What You Will Need:

54 (for a mid-sized trash can) empty, rinsed and dried bottles with caps. You can make your recycle bin or trash can any size based on the size and number of bottles you use.

Pliable Wire

A Candle

A Sharp Knife to open holes in the plastic

Wire Cutters

Matches or Lighter

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1.) Cut a hole in the bottom of 36 (or 2/3) of your bottles. This is the size of the bottle cap. The idea is that the top of another bottle will snap in and not fall out, so be careful to make it the size of the bottle cap. It is easiest done with a very sharp knife, or by heating a knife in a candle for a few seconds then cutting the hole.

2.) Fill 18 (or 1/3) of the bottles halfway with sand. Use dry beach sand or play sand that you can purchase at a local hardware store. 

3.) From the bottom of each bottle, measure up 10 centimeters and mark it on two sides. Use a candle to heat a piece of wire & poke two holes through each bottle at the 10cm mark.

4.) Make 18 columns of bottles with 3 bottles each. The bottle with sand is the bottom, and empty bottle is snapped on top of that one and another empty one snapped on top of that.

5.) Line columns of bottles in a row. Start with the bottom row of bottles and begin inserting the wire. Repeat for the middle row of bottles, and do the top row last. Keep bottles in a line as you put the wire through. It's easier to form it into a garbage can when the wire is in.

6.) Bring the ends of wires together in each row and tie them together and close with wire cutters. Fix the bottles so that they are standing as straight up as possible. Put in your bag or and start using it.

For retailers, place one or more bins in your business for additional branding benefits and to inspire others to make on their own.