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Pure Paradise Water of Virginia Beach

Wholesale Private Label Bottled Water

Branding Your Business One Bottle of Water at a Time!

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[email protected]

Your Label Design: We create the perfect label for your business at No Additional Charge!

We do not charge graphic design fees* and we will help you design the perfect label for your business!

Label Content Suggestions:

  • Your Corporate Logo & Tagline
  • Company Location(s)
  • Telephone Number(s)
  • Website Address
  • QR Code
  • Social Media Links
  • Products and Services
  • Awards & Corporate Recognitions. For example, "Best of the 757", Top Places to Work...
  • For Retailers, your UPC or SKU Code

 Private Label Bottled Water Sample Labels: All Labels below, are clear. The white background is clear on the printed label. Any pink borders on the samples below do not print on the actual label. Clear & Full-Color Labels are the the same price.

White Background on label image printed on clear label stock.

Call or email us to book an appointment today! 757.292.0522 or [email protected]