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Pure Paradise Water of Virginia Beach

Wholesale Private Label Bottled Water

Branding Your Business One Bottle of Water at a Time!

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A Few Words About Our Competitors Pricing:


Many private label bottled water providers will quote a price per bottle. Be sure to get the quote in writing AND read the fine print!


  • Charge extra for graphic design of your label. And more if you require more you don't like the first proof. One website advertises that their graphic design starts at $250!
  • Label set-up fee.
  • Charge for shipping your labels to bottler.
  • No colored caps offered or they are an additional cost.
  • Don't offer a label mock-up for you to see.
  • Must take delivery of entire order at once or pay storage fee.
  • Will raise prices for future orders, especially in peak demand.
  • Charge extra to add one layer of white behind the color on your label to make it 'pop'. And if it's not enough, they will add another layer for an additional charge.
  • Shipping charges are quoted but there is an up charge if you don't have a shipping dock.

Pure Paradise Water

  • Free design of your label. Period.
  • No label set-up charge..ever.
  • No charge to ship labels from the MASA Corp to our bottling facility.
  • Choice of 7 different cap colors. No additional charge.
  • Label mock-up placed on bottle for you to approve.
  • We will store half your order & deliver it when you need it. No Charge.
  • We will absorb incremental charges from suppliers.
  • We add 2 layers of white behind all of the colors on your label to make sure that your logo and text stand out. No Charge.
  • We never charge extra shipping charges for not having a loading dock. 

Now add those charges into the per bottle charge they quoted and divide by the number of bottles that you want to order to get your true total price.